About me

I am currently a limited-term assistant professor at the University of Georgia. Previously, I was a Chowla Research Fellow at Penn State, working with Bob Vaughan. Before that, I was a PhD student supervised by John Friedlander at the University of Toronto. You may wish to view my CV. My primary interests are number theory, combinatorics and harmonic analysis, but I like a good problem from any branch of math. Outside of math I like baseball, snowboarding, golf, playing the guitar and video games. I am a fan of the Ottawa Senators and the Toronto Blue Jays.


I primary am interested in questions lying somewhere in the realm of analytic number theory, additive combinatorics and harmonic analysis. I have a particular fondness for questions about equidistribution. Below you can find my preprints and publications.
  • (With O. Roche-Newton and D. Zhelezov) On iterated product sets with shifts II. Submitted. arXiv
  • (With O. Roche-Newton and D. Zhelezov) On iterated product sets with shifts. Submitted. arXiv
  • (With R. C. Vaughan) Density of binary quadratic forms. Submitted.
  • Additive Correlation and the Inverse Problem for the Large Sieve. Math. Proc. Camb. Phil. Soc., 2018. arXiv
  • (With A. Zaman) The density of numbers represented by diagonal forms of large degree. Mathematika, 2018. arXiv
  • The Additive Structure of Cartesian Products Spanning Few Distinct Distances. Combinatorica, 2017. arXiv
  • (With R. C. Vaughan and R. Zhang) The Least Number with Prescribed Legendre Symbols. Journal of Number Theory, 2017. arXiv
  • Estimates for Character Sums with Various Convolutions. Acta Arithmetica, 2017. arXiv
  • (With B. Lund and O. Roche-Newton) On distinct perpendicular bisectors and pinned distances in finite fields. Finite Fields and Applications, 2016. arXiv
  • Character sums over Bohr sets. Canadian Math Bulletin, 2015. arXiv
  • Capturing forms in dense subsets of finite fields. Acta Arithmetica, 2013. arXiv
  • (With D. Panario and D. Thompson) Swan-like results for binomials and trinomials over finite fields of odd characteristic. Designs, Codes and Cryptography, 2011.


I am currently teaching Math 2250 (Calculus I). At Penn State I taught Math 312 (Real Analysis), Math 110 (Techniques of Calculus), Math 141 (Calculus II) and Math 231 (Vector Calculus I).


  1. Mail:
  2. Brandon Hanson
  3. Department of Mathematics, University Georgia
  4. Boyd Graduate Studies Research Center
  5. Athens, GA
  6. 30602
  1. e-mail:
  2. b h 4 3 0 3 2 "at" u g a "dot" e d u